The Complete Lockout Process

McHaney & Associates has developed and copyrighted The Complete Lockout Process to satisfy the requirements of OSHA standard 1910.147. This product not only tells you what to do but also how to do it. In fact, most of the work has been done and only requires implementation of the well defined and easy to follow steps. The simplicity, completeness, and effectiveness of our process makes us unique. 

Our experience indicates that many lockout programs are not fully understood by the people they were designed to protect. Frequently, policies, procedures and training materials include ambiguous and confusing language that prevents the implementation of an effective lockout process. In addition, many lockout programs are incomplete and overly complex. The Complete Lockout Process overcomes these barriers to success and helps an organization implement a strong and effective lockout process.

The Complete Lockout Process includes the following:

  • Policy/Procedure (Best in Class)
  • Training for your designated Lockout Process Champion/Process Owner
  • Implementation process - step by step
  • Lockout application survey format
  • Specific equipment lockout procedures
  • Self-directed training for authorized employees*
  • Self-directed training for non-authorized employees (affected and other)*

*All training materials use adult learning techniques and train to your policy/procedure and actual site-specific practice. Authorized training takes about thirty minutes and students may be trained one at a time or in groups.

To learn more about The Complete Lockout Process and how to license it for use at your site, please contact us.